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What to do when you get too bored with your faded out blond? — Dye your hair pink! Rose-colored hair popped up in the most unexpected places for Fall ’15—first at Gucci then later at Louis Vuitton.  Model Fernanda Hin Lin Ly’s cotton candy hair captured the audience’s attention with its futuristic vibe. Pink is back and let us und celebrate that fact. 

Let us give you a quick history lesson about pink hair, starting from 1700’s with Marie Antoinette to nowadays  the red carpet.

1. 1700  Marie Antoinette 

She treated her hair with saffron, turmeric, sandalwood and rhubarb to attain a light strawberry blond. 


2. 1964 – Shirley MacLaine in What A Way To Go

In the silver screen flick What A Way To Go, Shirley Maclaine appeared head to toe in bright pink, of course including her hair. The brave outfit earned the film a nomination for ‘Best Costumes’. 


3. 1978 – Frenchy from Grease

We know Danny and Sandy were the ‘‘thing’‘ back then, but the real iconic moment of the movie had Frenchy with her beautiful pink wig.


4. 1984 – Madonna

And of course, the trendsetter Madonna, she would never miss the opportunity for a pink wave, and she didn’t back then in the 80’s.


5. 1998 – Kate Moss

The iconic model run the catwalk for Versace in a dirty — rose long hair.


6. 1999 – Gwen Stefani 

No Doubt’s singer Gwen Stefani got everybody’s attention at the 99’s VH1 Fashion Awards with her pink ponytail. 


7. 2004 – Natalie Portman in Closer 

Natalie Portman proved that pink can be provocative and sexy as hell.


8. 2013 – Helen Mirren 

Nobody said that a pixie cut pink hair is only for the young among us. Helen Mirren proved that even in our 60’s we can rock that look perfectly.


9. 2014 – Kate Hudson 

Kate Hudson rocked the rose in support of Breast Cancer Awareness, and this very successful because all of the eyes were on her. 


 Photo courtesy:  In Style  and vogue 

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