The 10 Style Icons 2015 (So Far)

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In the world of fashion and celebrities, it’s easy to show up at premières all dressed to impress, especially with the right stylist behind. But who can pull off the same astonishing looks without one?

There is a big difference between being stylish for work and having the innate spirit of the fashion icon. Well, we made our homework, and here is our list of the 10 Style Icons 2015, who are even better on the streets than on red carpets.

Emma Watson


What’s more stylish than a talented, brainy lady? Emma Watson steals our hearts with her words (and with her wardrobe).

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen


Actors since forever, fashion icons and successful designers for their brand The Row — a double success in life and style.

Amber Heard


Just recently married to Johnny Depp, the actress seems to love couple outfits, as the two actors have been nominated the best-dressed Hollywood couple several times.

Franca Sozzani


Vogue Italia editor, and for a reason. Her looks on the street seem to be always on point.

Elle Fanning


16 and fabulous, Elle is the youngest among the Style Icons 2015. As often happens, age really doesn’t matter when it comes to style.

Jamie Bochert


Model with loads of personality, Jamie prefers head-to-toe black and is not afraid to show it.

Susie Lau


Fashion blogger with an indescribable style which is pretty hard to emulate. This lady seems to be able to pull off any color and combination without the minimum effort.

Shala Monroque


Editor, former model, but most of all a great fashion influencer on the streets of New York City.

Kate Moss


Icon par excellence, Kate Moss seems to get better with age, just like good wine. Her street style is as impeccable as her editorials and catwalks.

Linda Rodin


Founder of Rodin Skincare, simplicity is her motto, and her style is just inimitable. A role model for all fashion lovers.

 photo courtesy: Google Images

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