The Bold Face Of Spring Couture 2015

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Haute couture just got a new face. Its bold and innovative spirit just enchanted the fashion crowds this week and stole our hearts as well.

But let’s start from the beginning. The latest Paris Haute Couture Week 2015 just came to an end. Like every year, designer pieces manufactured by the most creative hands of Paris from the artful ateliers of the city paraded down the catwalk in all their splendor. But something was different: this time, classic cuts and large, hardly wearable — while still magnificent — gowns made way for an innovative take. The skills of the craftspeople remain unchanged, even enriching this modern interpretation of such a classic — and very French — concept like couture. Let’s take a look at the great success of Spring Couture 2015.



Tulle, oversized fabric flowers and hats are the protagonists of this collection, which forgot last year’s subtle colors and chose more vibrants shades, together with a postmodern approach.

Christian Dior


Classic cut dresses haven’t been completely forgotten, but what has been added is a generous dose of 60s and 70s revival. Loopy motifs, glitter, florals and an overall psychedelic feeling caught the attention of the first row.

Giambattista Valli


Veil is the undisputed protagonist of the line, which recalls a conversation between two iconic characters: Coco Chanel and Janis Joplin. Inspired by these two free-spirited and independent women, Valli mixed Coco’s fine jackets and Joplin’s layered, boho-chic style.



Inspired by art and poetry, Chiuri and Piccioli created dreamy gowns which evoke sentimental feelings. Velvet, tulle and embroideries reincarnated ancient stories, from Dante to Shakespeare.



Exuberant prints, vibrant colors and silhouettes, enriched with trompe l’oeil designs, made the pieces of this collection stand out against the bright pink catwalk and almost come to life.

The Best Accessories

Spring Couture 2015 accessories deserve a special mention. Electric colors enrich the most exuberant boots and pumps; jewellers created futuristic crowns and bracelets which extend all the way up to the fingers. The veil was the protagonist, being the choice of several designers as a classy but edgy adornment.







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