Berlin Fashion Week — Rise And Shine, German Fashion

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When we think Fashion Week, what pops in our minds is the best-known fashion cornerstones — Milan, New York, Paris are in pole position as the most desired and attended locations for fashion purposes at least twice a year.

Among its established forefathers, Berlin Fashion Week looks like a youth gradually building its reputation in an industry filled with nepotism. Established in 2007, BFW has initially focused on emerging local designers, and this is what pushed most of its international crowd to come take a look; after all, the German capital is very well known for it’s edgy way of life and underground scene sprouting up in every corner.


What makes Berlin Fashion Week different from Paris, Milan and New York City is, however, not an advantage. Its lack of prominent names of the fashion industry sitting on its front rows, collecting its goodie bags or just walking its runway is something that has been source of criticism — among the bitter ones, Vice Magazine — but is it really all that simple?

Yes, the fashion crowd rushing to BFW twice a year may not include Karl Lagerfeld or Anna Wintour among its ranks, and the designers parading on the runway might not all be exactly high fashion, but this doesn’t make the event any less worthy of a visit.
The mentioned nepotism revolving around the world of fashion putting Milan, Paris and New York fashion week on a pedestal often ends up putting minor editions aside a bit too quickly. While Berlin Fashion Week might have to wait in order to join the high fashion garden, there is one point most are forgetting: it has to start somewhere.


Apart from the obvious sponsor, Mercedes-Benz, Vogue Germany showed its support from the high ranks, covering the whole event and sponsoring a Vogue Fashion Night on the spot. Through the Vogue Salon, it took some young and promising designers under its wing. This kind of mix of judgement-free approach and a lot of support is just what the younger branches of the Fashion Week world need. Berlin Fashion Week can just enjoy an opportunity to grow, thanks to major institutions backing the increase of a fashion presence in their home country, Germany.

Consequently, the bitter critics should close an eye in front of the more commercial-oriented and less high fashion event, because it will be the stream of money and a reputation built step by step of these years to catapult BFW onto the fashion Olympus in a nearby future.

And what about us? Living in a German-speaking country and being supporters of all things fashion which are also new and exciting, we obviously go to Berlin, and we see it from the perspective we like seeing things; it is new, it is starting yet. Stay tuned for our very own report on Berlin Fashion Week 2015.


photo courtesy: Google Images

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