The Best Fashion Videos 2014

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There is one thing that fashion does like nobody else, and it’s videos. Of course, we are not talking about colossals or art films; however these little jewels, half way between short films and very creative, glorified ads, are sometimes just as delightful.

We had a look back at the year in the industry and we present you now the best fashion videos 2014. Enjoy!

“Boardwalk Birdie” for Erin Fetherston

A short film to present the Summer 2014 collection. It screams “summer!” at the top of its lungs.

“Daisy Dream” for Marc Jacobs

Short, dreamy ad directed by Sophia Coppola (which is a guarantee).

“Instagirl: Imaan Hammam” for Vogue

Model Imaan Hammam dances around New York city in great style for Vogue.

“Secret Garden III — Versailles” for Dior

Versailles, Dior dresses and Dépêche Mode. What’s best?

Alexander Wang x H&M

We are not enthusiastic about the collection, but we have to admit that the short film looks dark and daring, in a charming way.

“Dear Diary” for Orla Kiely

A simply lovely short film to present the SS collection 2014, where a teenage girl living in a world halfway the 50s and the 21st century tells all about her day on her diary.

“Cover Girl” by Vogue

Lena Dunham is very nervous about her upcoming cover shoot for Vogue, when Hamish Bowles comes to her aid and teaches her the signature poses of the most famous Vogue models. Funny and quirky.

“Crush” for Rachel Antonoff

Literally the cutest film on the list, it presents the SS 2014 collection with the story of how Antonoff’s parents got together in college (their real voices are featured).

“Reincarnation” by Karl Lagerfeld

Good story, not-so-good street style waltz, Karl Lagerfeld’s most discussed short movie stars Cara Delevigne and Pharrell Williams.

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