The Art In Fashion Poses

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Supermodel Coco Rocha’s book Study of Pose has been released, and it’s a triumph of body language and a celebration of all fashion poses. Since the model’s debut for Jean Paul Gaultier in 2007, she had been rechristened Queen of Pose due to her charming ways to flex her body in every position, blurring the borders between fashion and dance.

The book, published by Harper Collins, features 1000 black and white photos of Coco which explore flexibility and movement, and reopens the conversation about any model’s job, which is posing.


Not just runways, but pretty clothes and a sparkly lifestyle as well. While many could criticize the world of fashion and its apparent ease, we shouldn’t forget how the girls we see in the magazines might rely on their own body language and the craft of their poses as much as, if not more than, post-production. Most postures that might seem effortless actually require a great deal of strength and confidence, not to mention a very good awareness of one’s own body and how it will look on camera.

Rocha’s photographer Steven Sebring took inspiration from a 1907 study on the body motion, Eadweard Muybridge’s The Human Figure in Motion, making their book more of a closer look to the body’s potential and charming ways. However, many artists shared their opinion on the unrealistic nature of fashion poses through a series of parodies.


One of them is Leanne Shapton, who hired actress Zosia Mamet for the creation of Women In Clothes. While said to be exploring, with a touch of irony, the difficulties women have to face when they get dressed, the book looks a lot as if Coco Rocha’s poses were performed by one of us non-model girls.

Whether approached with irony or simple artistic fascination, fashion poses are body language taken to the next level. They say body language is the most primal and effective way of communication, and as a job is not an easy thing to perform. If you are one of those girls trying to find their way into the fashion world and modeling, the Queen of Pose surely has some precious lessons for you. Take a big mirror, Rocha’s new book and strike a pose.

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