Alternative Miss World 2014 was a triumph of glitter and fun

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While many complain about the impossible and unjust beauty standards we are exposed to every day, there is someone who decided to do something about it. Actually, he had been doing so for quite a long time.

Andrew Logan, painter, sculptor, jewelry designer (and much more), is the proud founder of Alternative Miss World, a liberating and significative answer to what the media and standard beauty pageants tell us to believe about beauty.
Started in 1972, the Alternative Miss World pageant celebrates equality of genders “and everything in between”, Logan told Vice, and encourages its contestants to give way to creativity, personal transformation and loads of irony.

alternative miss world_b

After a 5-year break, this fabulous cross between a beauty pageant and an outrageous fashion show came back last weekend at Shakespeare’s Globe, London, in a triumph of glitter, latex and bright colors. The contestants were asked to create costumes for categories such as daywear, eveningwear and swimwear, and the results were jaw-dropping. The outfits produced by the contenders were created with the aid of material and props of any kind – from animals on stage to wheels and telephone boxes.

In the end, it was Russian performance artist Sasha Frolova that was crowned winner, or Miss Zero+, together with her costume, which reminded the judges of a big, colorful anime character.

Wearing the glass crown signed Andrew Logan, she was carried around on a throne followed by a thunderous applause; a fabulous happy ending.

alternative miss world_a

photo courtesy: Google Images

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