Mixed Messages From The Fashion Industry

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This fashion month we saw momentum for women power, from natural make-up trends to Chanel‘s feminist protest, it looked like designers were moving away from the view of women as mindless sex objects… and then we have the Victoria’s Secret “Fearless” campaign.

This has been an issue that has bothered us for a while. Fearless in the face of what? When you hear the word fearless what do you think? Maybe something like strong, empowered, confident. I guess Victoria’s Secret has a different definition of the word. These women are put into a run-down room and look as though their spirit has been absolutely broken. Are they behind the times or is this really how we see “sexy”?… Dead in the face with legs wide open.

This is an anti-human trafficking ad depicting the terrible conditions and dread that these victims have to endure next to the latest VS campaign.


Not much difference, huh? Just take a look at a few more.




Starting to get our point yet? What message is this sending? And is this the image we want to project on to our daughters and other young women? This cannot be the only way to sell lingerie in 2014… We are all beautiful and unique and do not need to be defined by our “sexability”. After all, who are these products supposed to be appealing to? US! And is this really what we want?

Just keep this in mind…

“If tomorrow, women woke up and decided they really liked their bodies, just think how many industries would go out of business”

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