5 Reasons Why We Love Alexa Chung

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We love Alexa Chung because she is super cool, wears gorgeous clothes and is beautiful, clever…a modern girl. So besides showing her best looks in the latest fashion weeks, we’ll also tell you 5 great facts about her life.

1- She Knows How To Do The Perfect Cat Eye, And Shares The Secret With Us.

Alexa Chung’s eyes are the perfect frame for sixties makeup, because her father is three-quarter Chinese.

She started modeling as teenager and was so serious about her career, that she gave up King’s College London. Looking behind, she was right to do so, she became a fashion guru, a beauty expert, she is writing for Vogue and had her own TV show.

2- She Dated An Arctic Monkey.

If you are a model, or ex-model as she calls herself, you should have a musician boyfriend, it’s a must. Alexa has chosen a very cool one, the Arctic Monkey’s frontman Alex Turner. The relationship lasted for 4 years – who will be the next…?

3- Mulberry Created A Bag Named After Her.


That’s amazing, when you are so inspirational that a luxury brand names a product in your honor. The Alexa bag, designed by Mulberry, is one of the most successful accessory pieces of the decade. 

4- She Appeared As A Guest Star In Gossip Girl.

And talking about gossip, the press linked Alexa to actor Josh Hartnett and Adam Brody, musicians Alex Greenwald and Chris Martin (ex-Gwyneth Paltrow), but she dismissed these as rumours.

5- She Wrote A Book.


‘It’ is a collection of Chung’s personal writings, drawings and photographs. The book covers her thoughts on life, love, music and style, in a very honest and easy way. It is like her, refreshing, down-to-earth and charming.

Enjoy Alexa Chung!




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