Three Beauty Products That Should Travel With You Everywhere

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Yesterday, I came back from Comporta, Portugal where I was for 2 weeks…I’m still in slow motion…It was 15 days of very hot sun, Atlantic sea water and strong wind, an extreme condition for my hair and skin. Lucky me, before the trip, I got a package of natural cosmetics for testing.

Dunja Kara from FLC – Sales & Brand Management, a Berlin based company that represents American natural cosmetics brands in the European market, visited Notorious and brought us a lot of sweets 🙂

FC-natural-cosmetics-notorious 1

kahina-natural-cosmetics-notorious 2

I promise you, Kahina Giving Beauty Travel Basics is genius, it’s just the 3 basic things that you need to keep your skin perfect: facial cleanser, facial lotion and Essential Argan Oil. All Kahina products contain argan oil, a very powerful organic anti aging oil used by Berber women of the Morocco desert in their beauty rituals for centuries. Read more here. Buy it on Net-A-Porter.

ILia-Beauty-Natural-Cosmetics-Notorious 3

ILIA is a prestige line of natural beauty products made with up to 85% certified organic ingredients that nourish the skin and help aid in its repair, from tinted lip conditioners to illuminators. The textures and colour range are as high end and on trend as any other premium brand.  Illuminator Polka Dots & Moonbeams is a pale pearl that works to subtly highlight, adding dimension and bringing light to the skin. I loved it…and in Vienna you can buy it at Natural Cosmetics, Postgasse 1-3, 1010.

kjaer weis-makeup-natural-cosmetics-notorious 4

I also took the lipstick with me to Portugal. Kjaer Weis is a line created by Danish-born, New York-based makeup artist Kirsten Kjær Weis to fulfill a desire and demand for high-performance color cosmetics that were made with the highest quality natural and organic ingredients, all without compromising luxury or contemporary design. The Kjaer Weis packing is super cool, it looks like a Zippo lighter, and this product I loved to use as lip tint but also as a cream blush.  You can find it on  Net-A-Porter or Natural Cosmetics.

The rest of the products I still need to test…but one thing is for sure, I will buy Kahina Argan Oil, Ilia Illuminator and Kjaer Weis by myself next time!

You can buy ALL products on amazingy!



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