7 Things You Have To Do To Become A Successful Fashion Blogger

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You have a blog and almost everybody, including your mother, wants to know if you can make money out of it. Embarrassing…but well, probably you have the same question yourself! So, the best way to learn how to transform your blog into a successful entrepreneurship is to look what the successful ones are doing.

Who What Wear talked with Aimee Song, creator of the blog Song of Style, Gabi Fresh, Nicolette Mason and Raina Penchansky, from Digital Brand Architects, and put together some ideas on how to make a blog from anonymous to famous…and rich.


1- Ask yourself: How is my blog different from the rest?

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The market is crowded, no one needs another______. Fill the blank and you know what you don’t have to do. It’s already a start.

 2- Who your audience is and how they interact with you.

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“The people who find the most success are the people who understand that there’s an element to this that is analytics-based,” Penchansky explains. “You have to really pay attention to the back-end of your business. Ask: who is your audience? How do they engage with you? The people who find the most success are the people who understand their analytics—what does my audience want from me, and who am I talking to? Do they want to see me launch a collection, or do they want to see a book from me?”

3- Instagram is your new best friend

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If you’re starting a blog today, you pretty much have to start with Instagram,” Penchansky boldly states. “The fastest way to build your brand is Instagram.”

4- Good Content is the most important thing

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Content is king. Stay focused on just creating amazing content for six months to a year. When you have a point of view, clear phoos and consistency the brands and invitation will roll in.

5- You have to know yourself well enough.

Susie_StreetStyle_CLake_GL__2 copy

Relationships with a brands is a great way for monetization, but you personally are a brand, and you have to be truth to yourself and learn to say no, to know what works for you or not.

6- True Personality

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You are showing to the world yourself and your style, and the world wants to see some one with personality, and probably that’s the point of differentiation. Don’t try to be what you think people want you to be. People like to relate with some one authentic and it works in the same way in the digital world.

7- Think Bigger

Tommy-Ton-Street-Style-GQ-New-York-Fashion-Week-1 copy

Engage with plus-size communities, consider to work in projects with other bloggers or online magazines, which will help you to increase your blog traffic. Traffic is money.

Think in building a team, with people with different points of view. Think as an editor, open mind, investing in your own brand…and money will follow you!

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