Dear Friends, Trendsylvania Was Released

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Dear friends, Trendsylvania was released like an early bird on a sunny morning! And we are excited about it like kids before ice-cream. Why? This is our fresh new work together with the super nice HUMANIC team!

We are enjoying and loving every second of our work in this new platform and we’ll try our best to keep up with the best and coolest trends out there. So therefore we united forces with some of our favourite muchachos and muchachas from the internet world. Our fellows participants are the cool people from Frock and Roll, the “oh so classy” Karolina Sabala ( So In Carmel ) and the fantastic couple Sabina Rachimova and David Reischer with Broken Cookies as well.  We also have three writers giving their best for the page content; you can stay tuned with them in their facebook pages, they are: Martin H, Elena G and Kate B.

And as for the content, you can have a preview of the catwalk’s latest shows, bags with bugs, bikes for magicians, nice musictrendy trendscomic moments, pandas on heels, Heels on everything (we love shoes!!), artists that are coming out and artist that went away, bright forecast from our Crystal Ballsdocumentaries and movies you’ll want to watch and share, so on & so on. Our promise to you: supplying your weeks with all the vital stuff to survive on a daily basis. Nothing less, oh no.

It’s so inspiring to work with all these people and with such interesting topics, but even more exciting is to do it for the sake of art! “What?” Well, all this is not innocent! Did you know that HUMANIC back in the day was a strong supporter of artists and art of all shapes?? We tell you now that they want to get back on track and they’re building a network of very interesting platforms connected to fashion and art, like TRENDSYLVANIA as well as the Movement of Me. We are proud and excited to be part in all of this. But it’s not over… we have another announcement to make: Trendsylvania won’t be just an online platform, it will also take shape as a printed Fanzine available in the Humanic stores from September on. You can’t imagine how cool this Magazine is, each page was designed and illustrated with the utmost love and care. We can’t wait for it to come out and as for you, let us tell you…  you’ll want to hang every page in your place. Best part of it? It’s free and fresh like a cool breeze.

Have a look on the Trendsylvania teaser and dive a bit into its world!


Hope you like it as much as we do!

See you very soon 🙂




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