This Summer The Salt Isn’t Just For Your Margarita

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I generally like to leave the salt to my margarita in summer but how can a girl resist the promise of such voluminous hair? Like most people I don’t want flat hair, especially because I have naturally fine hair and this seams to be my natural state. Mousses and hair spays can be nice, but if you don’t have the right one, we all know what a sticky mess your hair can turn into…. Brushing your hair the next day can be a bit of a nightmare. A summer trend that is proving to be a formidable competitor to these proven classics is the salt spray- promising to leave your hair with natural looking beachy wind kissed waves.

To me, the idea of spraying my highlighted hair with salt seems like it could only lead to disaster but these sprays vow to give your hair added bounce and body without any of the damage. These sprays are not just the run-of-the-mill beach water but have added ingredients to ensure your hair is protected and that it will leave you with a textured matte finish that is not over dried.

To apply for a beachy look it could not be any simpler, which is part of the appeal of it. You can either apply to damp hair and blow dry (with or without a diffuser) for extra volume or simply apply to dry hair (around mid-length and ends) and just scrunch for waves!

Here’s a look at some of the best this season:


“Our sea salt, sea water and seaweed spritz holds hair in place, adds shine and gives body for a beach-beautiful look. A gorgeous orange flower, grapefruit, neroli and rosewood blend perfumes the spray. It smells so divine, we’ve been spritzing it in our hair just to smell the fragrance! Use anytime you want to refresh, re-style or add some volume, texture and shine.”

Fotor0715130627 Got2b

“Want to feel like you just stepped off the sand with that windblown, tousled beach look? got2b beach matt texturizing salt spray gives your hair beachy waves – mermaid style! The salt infused formula provides you with hair full of texture and a tousled finish anytime you want and all without the crunch! Now you can rock mermaid waves all year long, even when the beach is nowhere to be see!”


Lee Stafford

“If you love the look and feel of just stepped out of the sea, naturally sun dried hair then Lee Stafford’s Sea Salt Spray is just for you! This defining spray will bring out the tousled, textured look you can usually only get after swimming in the sea. With its ProMineral complex of Dead Sea salts and 26 minerals your hair will still feel soft to touch but with added bounce, definition and body to die for. Added sunflower extract helps to give moisture and shine to your hair and will also help to protect and repair against free radicals. You can even use on dry hair to add texture for the perfect Beach Babe look!”


Bumble and Bumble

“This styling spray adds volume and texture to the hair to create a sexy, wind-blown feel. Its salt-infused formula adds fullness, hold, and a cool, matte finish. Salt water is no secret to editorial stylists for adding volume and texture, and anyone who has been in the ocean knows of that salty, sexy, sun-dried, wind-styled feel (that seems such a shame to wash out). So while Bumble and bumble hasn’t exactly bottled the real thing, they’ve replicated and improved it, including seaweed and kelp extracts to enhance moisture.”




I cannot wait to get my hands on this myself and try it out!

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