10 Things You May Not Know About Giorgio Armani

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Giorgio Armani is a seemingly everlasting both brand and persona in fashion world. He’s the name in underpants, watches and accessories around the world and that is, simply put, special. And as we strive for all the special things in general, it is no wonder we strive for all the special things in particular as well – to which some hard facts about Giorgio Armani perfectly number along. Check them out below!


1. Fashion wasn’t Giorgio’s first career choice. He studied medicine and completed military service before deciding it was clothes and fashion that were his calling.

2. His first baby fashion steps were made at La Rinascente department store in Milan, where he worked as a window dresser. After he freelanced for Zegna, Cerruti and Loewe he encouraged himself to went out on his own!

3. The current ‘bomber jacket’ trend can be traced back to Armani since the first pieces that he designed under his own name were a series of leather bomber jackets in 1970.

4. Armani is a huge sports fan. He is a fan of Inter Milan and even on the board of Olimpia Milano basketball team. He designed suits for the Chelsea team and worked on the interiors at Stamford Bridge.

5. Giorgio is practically fashion’s patron saint in Italy. He has designed uniforms for the police force, kitted out Milanese taxi drivers and even designed the cover of a gospels book for the pope.


6. Armani together with the brand is worth £4.96bn and is officially the most successful Italian designer ever.

7. The designer is a self-described perfectionist, even arguing in a Vogue interview that he was “10 times” worse than fashion’s most high-profile stickler, Mr Tom Ford.

8. Giorgio Armani in 2013 has launched an initiative to support Italian design and young designers from fashion scene in his country. Christian Pellizzari is the latest name that made a benefit with presenting his own collection in the Armani Teatro at Milan Fashion Week in June.

9. Ukrainian football star Andrej Ševčenko was main inspiration for designers whole new collection ‘EA7’, called by the Ševčenko’s dress number he wore then in Milan. 

10. The great designer started his movie career in 1980 with “American Gigolo” and Richard Gere, what made him the most wanted designer of male movie roles. His movie portfolio includes Batman, Ocean’s 13, Inglorious Bastards and many more. Even Leonardo Di Caprio in famous “Wolf of the wall street” wore exclusively Armani suits.


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