Get To Know Marta Ferri

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Now and then a name catches our ears and intrigues us to know more. The same thing happened with Marta Ferri. This amazing and young Italian designer was born into a creative family of a photographer and an interior decorator, and from her earliest age had great experiences discovering a world of colors and details. Her first “touch” with the fashion industry happened while working as a visual merchandiser for Prada. On the side, she continuously developed her own parallel projects.

What amazes us the most about Marta is how she turns everything she touches into gold. Starting with a jewelry collection, “Nuda”, then leading to her first collection of couture dresses, she earned unexpected success and an atelier together with an expert premiere. Everyone recognized her sartorial quality and innovative use of upholstery fabrics so she quickly expanded into “pret a porter”, producing two spring/summer and two fall/winter collections with accompanying accessories collection of bags called Unica.

After conquering the fields of jewelry, dresses, gowns and bags, last year Marta signed a collaboration with Birkenstock using her exclusive fabrics to develop a sandal that is now being distributed in some of the best retailers in the world such as Barneys, Colette, Matches and Net a Porter. We love Birkenstocks and even more how she contributed them. If you’re craving for a pair, you better take this one.

Marta Ferri is really something special, and has only just begun. Even her Milan atelier is one of a kind. Her approach to her workspace echoes her instincts for mixing personal references and artistic influences into the clothes. Vogue claims that this is one Milanese address worth inheriting. We’re sure going to remember that when we will be traveling to Italy 😉

Check out Marta’s web HERE, also her great Instagram account HERE!

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