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Early May Notorious went to Copenhagen to follow the photo shooting of HUMANIC Fall/Winter 2014-2015 campaign.

Copenhagen is a beautiful city where design is the name of the game. Any little store has a super cool logo, wonderful packing and a phenomenal website.

Everything here, from old to new, is tasteful. That’s why HUMANIC chose a Danish team for the shooting. The styling was left in the hands of the gorgeous blogger Pernille Teisbaek , but the one I fell in LOVE with was her assistant, see what a great look this girl has!

The makeup artist , Marie Thomsen, and her assistant were the friendlier, here’s their contact Agentur CPH and a trailer of one of the models’ look:


The team’s mood has to be very good because photo shooting is an exhausting job, from 8 to 8!  During those 12 hours HUMANIC’s marketing team stays in front of a computer screen following each click, each movement, the light , the look, the makeup, for each and every trend, in other words, they have everything under control. 

But in order to stand this pace, you need a break now and then…

At the end of the day I was dead, but Dunja, Christa and Daniela still went for an hour long run!!!!

We met again for a pizza at Mother, do write down the address as it’s a wonderful and delicious place: Høkeboderne 9/15 – 1712 Copenhagen, Denmark

We had our Viking moment…we tried  a kind of Salty liquorice flavoured made with ammonium chloride!!!!! Ammonium chloride gives salty liquorice an astringent, salty taste, which has been described as “tongue-numbing” and “almost-stinging”. The taste is physically overwhelming…look at my face.

We had pretty much the opportunity to taste the sweet and the bitter side of Copenhagen… in the end, we laughed a lot 🙂



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