Platinum Hair – Couture Hair

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Go platinum!

A hair colour change makes a perfect foundation for a drastic makeover or reinvention; and if you’re going to use hair colour as a statement, going silver, white or platinum blond is certainly a striking way to do it.

Platinum can instantly brighten up features and have all eyes on you, but it also comes with major challenges. It’s often best left to the professionals and yet not everyone can benefit from this look.

Here’s what you need to know before transforming yourself into an ice queen:

1. Word from the wise:

2. Who can do it?

It is certainly possible to go platinum blonde from near any hair colour, light or dark. Some base colours will simply be easier and faster when it comes to achieving the white blond result. Small tip: if you already have layers of other colours in your hair, you may need to remove or grow them out before you can achieve an effective all-over platinum colour.

3. What are suitable haircuts for platinum blonds?

Depending on your personal preferences, both, an elegant interpretation of platinum blonde or more of a rock chic look can look good and suit your appereance. However, this dramatic hair colour with an equally dramatic hair cut provides a real statement.

4. Platinum blonde hair care

Last but not least! We all know how bleach damages hair, but with this few tips you will keep your platinum hair look fresh & healthy:

– always get your hair done by a professional
– don’t wash everyday
– use shine spray on your finished look
– use a serum before you blow dry to protect it from heat
– use a violet/silver shampoo once a week
– trim regulary
– protect from the sun

If you’re having second thoughts we hope this quote will encourage you! 🙂

“You’ll have such a different perception of yourself – you’ll probably want to buy some new, different clothes, try new make-up, more lipstick, more eyeliner. But you’ll be the Million-Dollar Woman. I call this ‘couture hair’, because it’s co clean, so pure and has such a strong impact.”

Bruno E.



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