My chit chat with Daniela Skrein

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Daniela is an Austrian artist who has lived abroad for many years. She is back in town since 2008 and Notorious went to her studio to meet her. Yes, we first met each other online, 2 years ago, I saw her blog and of course her work, and I just fell in love. Daniela is a creative mind with many skills, a multi talent, clearly understandable when she describes her idea on talent in a very powerful way:
If you are fortunate enough to recognize that you have a talent, skill or gift for something, you should use it. Not only will it make your life easier, it will satisfy the creator of these gifts, regardless of which believe system you participate in. Matter of fact is that we all come equipped with something. It is a favor back to the Creator to use these talents.

I hope you like our interview with Daniela, because we had fun doing it!

Daniela, you lived in USA, where and how long?

I lived in Pasadena for 5 years near Los Angeles, to study Illustration at Art Center College of Design, then I moved to Boston, then 2 years in Portland and 2008 I came back to Vienna.

Are you happy in Vienna?

Yes, I like it here. I would not say that here is better than America, I just like here. I like different, I like having different experiences. It doesn’t matter if its here or Japan or Sao Paulo. I like new stuff, new mentalities, new cultures, new experiences. And it is especially interesting for me, because Vienna is where I came from, I was born here and spent my first 19 years here, and then I left for my entire adult life, and now I have to know the city again, the mentality. It is an especially interesting moment.

I also lived in many places around the world and I’ve learned that people’s dreams are quite similar everywhere: love, health, happy family, prosperity. But for you, what is the uniqueness that define Austrians? In Brazil, for example, it’s hope “tomorrow will be a better day”

This reminds me of Eat, Pray and Love , where she has a word for each city. I have to think what the word for Vienna might be…

(watch the answer in the video)

You say art is in your genes. So tell me more about your parents, art collecting and to live in an artistic environment.

My mother’s family collected art for 2 generations, so I was surrounded by really nice artwork, originals, and I would say that this environment had an influence on my artistic development, on what I like and I don’t like. I think that taste is something you can learn, but I also think you need to have the talent to learn it. My father and my mother both have great taste and they influenced me. My father was a photographer in the 60’s, so there were lots of black and white photography around the house, and mod , and The Beatles…I remember the Leica camera on the coffee table, so I grew up with these cool products.

You are a visual artist, jewelry designer, illustrator and writer. You are a so called ‘renaissance’ person, with many talents. With which of those expressions you feel more at ease?

It depends on the time. If I am in a moment of preparing a jewelry sale, I put myself in the mood of doing only jewelry. For about 2 weeks, I don’t do anything else except just being a jewelry designer. So, right now, I have my illustrating face on. Painting is probably the one thing that is treated by me with most care, it is where I express myself the most. It’s very exhausting. So, I can’t do that very often. It’s the same thing with writing. I love writing but it’s very hard on me. It’s just coming out of me.

About your inspiration: which music are you listening right now?

Right now I love the new album of the Little Dragon, it’s called Ritual Union . I’m gonna see her in November, in Berlin. Then I am also listening to Bon Iver. Do you know Bon Iver? And Motopony , a new band from Seattle.

Which book are you reading?

De Kooning’s Autobiography. I love reading artist biography. Miranda July, I love Miranda. You look like her…

Which film?

I just saw Submarine the other day. And my favorite movie is The Royal Tenenbaums. It has everything in it, it has great characters, great esthetics, imagery, symbolism, music…

Which blog do you follow?

I follow Creature Comforts and a Cup of Jo and Letters of Note is a good one too.

Which fashion designer?

Anybody who has a feminine side and is romantic: Valentino

About Vienna: Which is your coffeehouse?

Phil, Gumpendorferstrasse 10 – 12 , 1060

Jewelry shop?

I have to say, my uncles, of course: Skrein Schmuck Werkstatt.

Fashion Shop?

(In Vienna) I don’t have one. I go to the States 2 times a year and buy my clothes there. I go to a shop called Anthropologie.

I go online a lot on Etsy, and I will open a shop there soon to sell my jewelry.

Art Gallery?

Cast Your Art , Gumpendorferstrasse, 55 – 1060


Caritas, Antikus, Kokon for candles and pillow covers.

Daniela created a illustration exclusively to Notorious. Isn’t it beautiful?

We really loved our chitchat with Daniela, she is marvelous, and we hope you enjoyed it too.



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