Have you ever used Chanel Vernis? Here is why you should!

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Hi girls (and boys who fancy great nail polish) today I’d like to give you an inside on my Chanel Vernis – and yeah, I do have, erm some …

Let’s begin with who I am and what I crave for: My name is Victoria and I love doing my nails – for me it’s some kind of relaxing yoga to get my zen in a hard working-week. I am NOT obsessed with Chanel nail polish, it just turned out to be my absolute favourite and only nail polish I’d love to spend my $$$ on.


So you know the rough facts, let me bring you deeper into the topic 😉 I have + / – 16 different tiny little beautiful adorable bottles of colors by Chanel for my nails. I can’t say I am proud or something because it just happened. For this is the very best nail polish if you consider color the most important part.


Today I’m wearing my beloved color Frenzy:


Here you find a list of my Chanel Vernis (not aligned) accompanied with personal comments:

545 Attraction – got many compliments on that, without fishing, he he
509 Paradoxal – was my first, kinda don’t like it anymore
551 Coco Blue – got it three different times as a present, ha ha
511 Pearl Drop – perfect for a theatre night
533 April – classy, but not special
637 Malice – this is the most amazing color, long time favourite !
489 Rose Insolent – absolutely baaaa – AM – azing, when you just go in black
513 Black Pearl – great in 2011, loved the different shades
535 May – “I’m a barbie girl, in a barbie woooohhoorld!”
531 Péridot – was my christmas time favourite in 2011
493 Jade Rose – love it (!!) looks all natural, nobody notices you’re having nail polish on
491 Rose Confidental – other people told me it looks amazing, I give it an: “ok”
577 Mimosa – loved it in 2012, well, not anymore …
565 Beige – dislike, makes the nails looking unhealthy yellowish
483 Vendetta – got it 3 months ago, but never worn it
559 Frenzy – very mainstreamy famous, but I tell you: there are better


(I used to have more … but I’ve lost some in handbags, on streets and to friends, who are no friends anymore)

(Maybe fun) fact, when writing this list, I’ve never needed to look the colors up, they’re just in my mind – all combined with feelings, occasions or the people who gave it to me as a present! I’m not the very girly girly girly type of girl, you know. But on this topic – as it is considered posh – I can’t stop talking or giggeling. 🙂 Unfortunately I had just one friend years ago who shared this passion with me. Most of my friends, whether girls or not, don’t understand my lovelust for Chanel Vernis – they only say: too expensive.

And I say: “Way worth the money fellas!” because a) most beautiful colors, b) with extraordinary shades and reflections and c) easy put-on feeling, d) long life period and e) classy product design. Of course, Essie, American Apperal and other brands are cheaper and fulfill the mentioned points c) and d) but a), b) and e) can’t be copied!! And oh, how I love the feeling when they announce the new-seasoners <3 it’s just amazing, and time for me to run to my favourite store in the arms of my beloved shop-keepers, who I know by name and smile to them in silent – and they give me my reserved limited edition Chanel Vernis. It’s the most carefree feeling in the entire world. Just in Chanel Vernis world. Well for me, it’s an easy place in my head – no stress, just colors – where I decide which color I’ll paint the world with, for the next few days!

Yeah, I do have other nail polish too, but only wearing my Essie St. Tropez on the beach and my American Apperal Sheer blue when I feel crazy. No seriously, I love my Essie and I love my American Apparel – btw if you haven’t ever tried AA nail polish: do it, not so many pretty colors but amazing different types such as NEON, Sheer, Glitter and on and on … – but Chanel is just IT. The big names f.e. YSL, Dior or Helena Rubenstein have lovely product designs, but often the put-on feeling is just ****ed up. But hey, try it for yourself.

So people go out and look on your nails, your friends nails and strangers nails – it can give you a tiny dose of “WWHHHHOOOA, AWESOME COLOR.”, which may light up your everyday life.


ps: the Chanel vernis collection superstition fall 2013 <3

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