Alexa Chung – The it girl launches the it book

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Alexa Chung’s first book, a collection of personal insights into her fashion influences, style tips, drawings and photographs, titled ‘IT’, is released on September 5.

The title of the book may well be an ironic reference to her thrust-upon status as one of fashion’s foremost ‘It’ girls, with Alexa known to find the whole idea quite bemusing, but it is fashion fact that no one else inspires us and makes us want to play dress up quite as much as the Chung.

Here’s five reasons why you need to pre-order that book now.

1. She got us out of our heels

While we’ve all been obsessed with teetering around on stilts for the past decade, Alexa has shown us a simpler way. She looks amazing in flats, both for day with pretty dresses or dungarees and on the red-carpet with beautiful designer gowns. From brogues, to heeled ballet pumps and Valentino’s Garavani rockstud sandals, she’s the flat shoe’s one woman PR band and we’re already putting the stilettos in storage.

2. She’s the face that launched a thousand satchels

Mulberry’s now iconic and rubber-stamped money-maker, the Alexa satchel, was created in homage to Ms Chung back in 2009. The story – now part of fashion folklore – goes that Mulberry’s creative powers were one day leafing through the gossip magazines for inspiration (a terrifying thought) and spotted a picture of Alexa carrying their men’s Elkington briefcase. Emma Hill, Mulberry’s soon to depart and much loved creative director, said they were inspired by that picture to create a woman’s satchel: The Alexa. Hill apparently ‘smelt the money’ that day and she wasn’t wrong – the bag still accounts for 15% of the brand’s sales today.

3. She’s a truly British style icon

Like all self-respecting British girls, Alexa loves a music festival, going down the local for a pint and indie boys. She’s also got that quintessentially British knack of pulling different looks and prints together and making them work in an unaffected, but ultra-stylish way. From her hair, to her makeup, to her clothes, she’s a laid-back London girl through and through. All reasons why we’ve voted her the nation’s ‘favourite style icon’ at the British Fashion Awards for the last three years.

4. But, she loves French fashion as much as we do

She models for our favourite French ready to wear label, Maje, references Francophile Jane Birkin and French singer Francoise Hardy when talking about her style influences, loves a Chanel handbag (who doesn’t?) and lists Carven as her go-to designer label for AW13. And, just like Alexa, we are currently obsessed with all things French, from Kenzo to Sandro – you’ve got to love a little Gallic flair.

5. There’s no one else quite like her

Alexa’s a one-off, the definition of a true fashion icon. Back in 2011, she did an interview with Harper’s Bazaar where she said she’d got fed up with the high street copying her trademark 60s style (shift dresses with brogues, smock dresses), so she decided to mix it up with a more structured, fitted wardrobe. But, two years later and she’s back to her signature look, admitting it’s not what you wear; it’s how you wear it. She told ‘I don’t think it matters where you get your style ideas from, it’s how you put it together.’ And, currently, there are few who can put clothes together quite like Alexa Chung.

Metro said everything!

Titled  IT , the canvas-covered pale pink book has been freshly listed on Amazon to pre-order for £14.45






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