What’s wrong with Oprah and the handbag’s price.

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I’m reading all the articles about the “Oprah’s handbag” case in Switzerland, and I am quite sure that what happened between the American celebrity and the shop girl was a ‘lost in translation” factor. I know that because I am living abroad, and even tough I make the daily effort to speak in a better German,  I still see people’s faces, trying to understand me. In most cases they do, but sometimes I do have to repeat my question (trust me, it’s very easy to be misunderstood in a foreign language).

Now Switzerland is a country with a huge transit of foreigners, specially rich Arabs, Africans, South Americans with fat and secret accounts there (and we all know about it). And of course that luxury shops there are more than familiar with a ethnic clientele, so that  the “racism” claim wouldn’t make much of sense in Switzerland, but rather, as the shop owner and the sales girl have pointed out,  a language misunderstanding.

I don’t buy Oprah’s story…but THE case is, why would anyone buy a handbag for 38.000 Euros in the first place?

I could, but I wouldn’t. And I am sad when someone does. It saddens me even more when people then take a picture and publish it on of those tacky  personal-hey-look-how-rich-I-am-envy-me-bitches blogs.

As I said in the beginning, I’ve read almost everything about that case, and the british fashion writer Colin McDowell nails it in his article, when he says that the actually offense is the price.

Last but not least; Oprah is a public figure, working in a network, that lives from it’s audience, and she is misleading that audience and her fans, just for the sake of revenge in a personal matter. Furthermore; the Network claim is – ” Oprah Winfrey Network- is more than a television network, it’s a network of people just like YOU.” Wait…Whaaaaat! People just like me and you? Are you kidding?! People like US don’t buy 38.000 Euros bags! So, it is not only misleading the audience, it is also calling them stupid! There is no racism here, just a Primadonna’s fit. Period.

38.000Euros Orange Handbag



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