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One thing I love about the internet is that everything is new, every day there is a new idea or new project. If you believe that being a long time around or having been the first platform, is a guarantee for success, you are in for a bad surprise. After Twitter we ran to Tumblr, then we discovered and fell in love with Pinterest…just before we got hooked on Instagram, and now there is Vine. And who remember Orkut or Myspace?  Who cares, if you were the first fashion blog or the first bloggers network? People want the best not the first and there will always be someone improving, and getting better online. That’s why, it is good for you to keep an eye on this new austrian project: Advantgarde, a network for bloggers from bloggers. Founded by three bloggers Catherine , Kat and Pia -both , who bring to the network their experiences and study of economy, journalism and public relations. We had the pleasure to talk with them:

Is the Austrian blogosphere already professional or still a thing of amateurs? Well, if professional means that you make earn you’re whole living from it then I guess nobody in Vienna is professional. However looking at the quality and improved cooperations over the time of the last year, part of Austria’s blogosphere definitely made a big step towards professionalism.However you can’t tar everybody with the same brush.

2) Which behavior would you say suits best Austrian bloggers: “share&care” or “I don’t care”? Again, speaking of ourselves we definitely share&care, that is also the main idea behind ADVANTGARDE – it’s all about sharing our expertise and experience, as well as caring for a big part of the Austrian blogosphere. However being a blogger doesn’t mean you have to like each and every other blogger.

3) Cosmetics and Fashion brands are still the most common partners for the Austrian blogger. Why do you think that other advertisers, such as banks, cars, etc, are still resistant to participate? The blogging side of marketing is still a new field to many companies, even some fashion&beauty brands are still hesitant to work with bloggers. Of course it is easier for brands of the same field to cooperate with bloggers, as this is also the most credible for the blogs readers and therefore will lead to the most positive results for both parties. Other advertisers will have to think outside the box a little bit more than just placing banner ads on websites.

That’s Pia. It’s my daughter’s name too :)

4) Relevant Austrian art events, even the ones that run on online platforms, practically ignore the local blogosphere and communicate mainly with the printed media. Are you planning to work closer with PR and Advertising agencies? Yes, we are already working together with some well known PR and Advertising Agencies with great success and we know, that ADVANTGARDE will play an essential role for companies and bloggers to work on a successful basis together.

5) Why be part of the bloggers network BLOGGER VZEven if there are already some good Facebook groups like “österreichische blogger” online, we want to give a public overview over the blogosphere. BLOGGER VZ enables companies and bloggers to select their topic of interest to find some new blogs and to sign up themselves. BLOGGER VZ is an additional service of ADVANTGARDE and it is planned to select and offer subscribed bloggers also for different campaigns. There is also a newsletter service planned which will contain “blogger related tips”. Furthermore there is once a week a different giveaway, a blogpost of the week is selected and a blog of the month, which will enable the users to gain more traffic and likes on their blogsites.

Fräulein Catherine, belle comme la Deneuve

6)  Which blogs are already in the ADVANTGARDE Network? 15 individual blogs are already part of the ADVANTGARDE Network. It is planned to extend the existing networks and we are working on it and will launch something new very soon. These are the blogs which are already part of ADVANTGARDE:





Kath, super ultra cool

And so,…let’s join the network!

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