Lily Cole, Cambridge graduate and supermodel, to launch an altruistic social media venture.

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Lily Cole is set to launch, a social network which will facilitate a gift economy between users.

Backed by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales,  is an “altruistic social network” which will encourage people to gift skills and services to one another without expecting reciprocation – an alternative gift economy that aims to enable the building of communities in local areas through goodwill.

Last week, Lily Cole was in Cambridge to present Impossible to an audience of Cambridge students and she referred to her rumoured fortune of £11 million: “I’ve gone from being quite poor to being quite rich, but the experiences I value are based on an interaction of helping each other. When you give, you release chemicals – oxytosin – that make you happy. The act of giving is self-involved, it has enriched my life. But the more generous I’ve been, the more generous people have been to me.”.

“Wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t need money to persuade somebody to do something for us?” Cole said. “Most of the dialogue around me is concerned with money. We should trust in the gift economy more. I think gratitude is a hugely important bond.”

According to Wikipedia founder, Wales,  “Lily’s project is one we should all be pursuing; existing institutions don’t serve us well. The internet gives us the ability to find people willing to give and receive aid. How many of you have used and edited Wikipedia? When you edit those pages you are giving back.”

Impossible will first run as a closed beta to Oxford and Cambridge, before it is released worldwide in a couple of months.



Source: fashion telegraph

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