Dove says you’re more beautiful than you think. We say we are more intelligent than Dove thinks.

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Dove did it again. Since yesterday the new Dove beauty campaign is enchanting the audience. After publishing research, showing that 60% of girls drop out of sports because of body-image issues, the company is out with a new ad campaign focusing on adult women’s distorted self-image.

Have a look at this brilliant video.

Unilever, the company behind Dove, believes that women are their own worst critics. Only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful. And Unilever with Dove is committed to create a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety. Powerful, right?

But not 100% right!  Problem is, that Unilever owns also Axe, the notoriously mysoginistic brand that only values women for their sexual currency. And brands like Axe  promote the idea that women are simply ornamental and to be appreciated for their body only. Isn’t it paradoxical that Axe’s marketing strategies feed the insecurities that Dove purports to be countering?

To refresh your mind, here a Axe commercial.

So, instead of conducting a compelling social experiment that explores women view of their own beauty in contrast to what others see, maybe Dove should start by walking across the hall to whatever dingbats are creating Axe commercials and tell them to knock it off. Instead of fixing women’s self-esteem, let’s prevent it from being shattered in the first place.

Source: Policymic



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  1. totally <3 this article!

  2. Amparo Lluch-Baixauli


  3. Unilever testa seus produtos em animais. Já não presta de qq jeito.

  4. Џими Голдштајн

    yeah, but… ehm… marketing?

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