La Prairie Giveaway – Cellular Power Charge Night

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Today, March 8th, my very first thought was dedicated to my daughter. She is almost 14 years old and I want her to be very proud of being a woman. I want her to know that she can be full of courage and initiative, without losing femininity. I want her to know that men are great partners in the wonderful adventure of marriage and of forming a family. And that being a mother does not hinder anyone’s professional life, but only improves it. And I wish her to know that she’ll be always beautiful, no matter what “standards” media is imposing.

Then I realized, that La Prairie has chosen this very nice date to launch the third product of the Cellular Power line. Yeah, Power is exactly the energy, we women need!

The new Cellular Power Serum will hit the market in a few days. The serum works as a bodyguard against aging, reactivating your skin’s natural self-defense system against free radicals and supplying an extra boost of energy to your cells to repair existing damage. It’s a daily dose of power, energy and defense for your skin.

To celebrate International Women’s Day La Prairie is giving away one Cellular Power Charge Night. It possesses the power of a Serum, but you apply it in the evening on cleansed skin. It’s powerful enough, you don’t need anything else – and the magic happens over night while you’re sleeping…

Next week, we are giving away Cellular Power Serum and the following week, you can win the new Cellular Power Infusion.  At the end of these 3 weeks, if you are a lucky girl, you can have the whole treatment.

You just need to subscribe La Prairie newsletter, here. Then, write in the comments below the sentence: I’M A POWER WOMAN.

Next Friday we will announce the winner of Cellular Power Charge Night!

Photos © Stefanie Starz

Happy Women’s Day!

Selma von Schönburg


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  1. Selma von Schönburg

    I am a power woman.

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  5. I’M A POWER WOMAN. <3

  6. I'm a power woman.

  7. Peggy Schimikowski

    Ich bin ein Power-Frau.

  8. I'm a POWER Woman.

  9. I am power woman

  10. there is one more chance to win the new La Prairie Cellular Power Serum:
    Good luck!

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