Nieves Elorduy – Fashion & Personal Stylist

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Since we’re just beginning  the year,  the list of all the things we will do and change in the new year, are still valid, right? So, in order not to become a passive victim of self-help books, Notorious researched some very interesting services to help get that extra bust on your career. One of the most talked, written and discussed about ideas, is the importance of personal appearance while applying for a job, or trying to get a promotion. It’s not about being trendy, it’s a about  style. A stylish person can communicate a million things about herself, without saying a word. Amanda Brooks, author of the blog & the book I Love Your Style, says: “Whenever I meet a girl with truly great style Immediately I want to be her friend, because I can safely assume she is confident and self-knowledgable.”  Yes, style is really about discovering yourself. And sometimes we need help to put ourselves together, in a way that allows our own combination of tastes, desires, interests, inspirations, aspirations, lifestyle and history to shine through. That’s the job of Nieves Elorduy, a former Spanish model, who has lived in Vienna for 20 years now. Her customers are primarily women (but some men too) who are in a moment of professional growth or personal growth, and feel that they need to feel more secure about themselves, on how they present themselves, who don’t want to spend time on their wardrobe. Nieves doesn’t like the name “personal stylist”,  the challenge of her work goes beyond finding a certain style for the person, but to make her find their own ideal of beauty and harmony. The sessions include not only the different aspects of dressing, but also makeup, hair, ordering the wardrobe, bathroom, and whatever is related to your beauty ritual. First, Nieves finds within the client’s wardrobe the “new” style, and only then, if necessary, she goes shopping. When you discover your style, you stop being a fashion victim, you no longer chase the celebrity look (which is usually wrong) and start to spend less on rubbish. Nieves also works as fashion stylist with her famous make-up artist sister, Estrella Elorduy. After the first talk, Nieves designs the first inspirational boards I highly recommend Nieves consultancy. Here is her email address: You’ll love her! Important infoUniversum, the Stockholm-based employer branding firm that annually surveys over 400,000 students and professionals worldwide on jobs-related issues, has culled their data to the top three personality traits employers are looking for in job candidates: Professionalism (86%), high-energy (78%) and confidence (61%). “A manager can read you the moment you walk in the door, from the clothes you wear to the way you stand to the grip of your first hand-shake, presenting yourself as a confident, energetic professional is about as basic as career advice gets“,  says Forbes magazine.

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  1. The sister from Bilbao,an independient journalist for local press in Spain. Nieves is a great stylist, I know it for sure 😉

  2. Great story and so true! You are fantastic!

  3. I asked Nieves to do hair and make up for my wedding some years ago and she was amazing!

  4. Nieves did my hair and make-up for the Vienna Technical Circle Ball. It was amazing what she did and I received so many compliments thanks to her.

  5. Nieves, great to hear about your work. makes me remember when we have been working together. It's been always great. Good luck!

  6. Olga Rubio Dalmau

    Love Nieves style! Wonderful to have her in my team!

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