The most influential personal style bloggers

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Fashionista has done quite a bit of research in the last year, in order to compile a list of the top personal style bloggers around the globe.  Most of bloggers on this list aren’t just fashion bloggers…they are actual fashionistas themselves…snapping daily photos of what they’re wearing.

According to Fashionista, personal style bloggers aren’t going anywhere, in fact, they are more important than ever…influencing trends, moving merchandise and promoting conversations.

Leandra Medine – The Man Repeller

blogger -man-repeller-influential-bloggers

With around 2 million 3.7 million pageviews a month, a booming affiliate marketing business and more sponsorships and brand collaborations than pretty much any blogger out there, 24-year-old Leandra Medine dominates the space.

Bryan Grey Yambao, Bryan Boy

blogger bryanboy_influential-blogger-300x436

He was the first to make a real living out of fashion blogging. And he’s arguably still doing it best.

Emily Schuman, Cupcakes and Cashmere

blogger emily_schuman_influential_bloggers-300x387

A mix of DIY, food, and most prominently, fashion, LA-based Emily Schuman’s sincere and friendly approach to fashion blogging has made her the idol of women across the country.

Emily Weiss, Into the Gloss

blogger emily_weiss_influential_blogger

Former Vogue assistant Emily Weiss has been impressively tactical about the presentation of her two-year-old beauty site. She’s managed to create imagery that feels more editorial and high-brow than anything else being shot for the web.

Susie Lau, Style Bubble

blogger susie_lau_influential_bloggers-300x462

Lau—-who also writes for Elle UK, Dazed Digital and other British pubs—-is best at exposing little-known-designers to her loyal audience.

Blair Eadie, Atlantic-Pacific

blogger blair_eadie_influential_blogger-300x449

Her wildly popular blog, which garners 1.8 million pageviews a month, is straight-up outfit posts showcasing her East-Coast-preppy-meets-California-boho style.

Aimee Song, Song of Style

blogger aimee_song_influential_style_bloggers-300x383

With more than two million pageviews a month, brands love working with Los Angeles-based blogger Aimee Song.

Rumi Neely, Fashion Toast

blogger rumi_neely_influential_bloggers-300x448

She has influenced thousands of new-generation bloggers. Her photo style—laid back, not-really-posing poses—will be forever copied around the web.

Jane Aldridge, Sea of Shoes

blogger jane_aldridge_influential_blogger-300x450

Her site, which attracts over one million pageviews a month, is still a favorite amongst industry insiders, mostly because she has great taste and adores fashion.

Wendy Nguyen, Wendy’s Lookbook

blogger wendy_nguyen_influential_bloggers-300x450

The blogger currently has over 300,000 YouTube subscribers, who live for her easy-breezy tutorials.

Kelly Framel, The Glamourai

blogger kelly_framel_influential_bloggers-300x503

The former accessories designer launched her blog in 2008, quickly rising up the ranks thanks to expert styling and movie star looks.

Tina Craig and Kelly Cook, Bag Snob

blogger Bag-Snob_influential_bloggers-300x217

 Today, Bag Snob is known within the industry as a site whose recommendation counts: If Cook and Craig endorse a bag, it sells well.

Jessica Stein, Tuula Vintage

blogger tuula_vintage_jessica_stein-300x450

Australian blogger Stein has a pretty incredible life: She’s constantly traveling the globe, wears a mix of pristine vintage and high-end designer pieces, and comes off as awfully nice in her posts.

Jamie Beck, From Me to You

blogger jamie_beck_influential_blogger-300x489

Sources say that Beck, a photographer whose clients include Of a Kind and Lincoln cars, often charges five figures for her cinemagraphs (highly stylized gifs created with her husband Kevin Burg).

Jenn Camp, Le Fashion

blogger Jenn_Camp_influential_bloggers-300x198

Along with Le Fashion, her cool-girl-guide to style, Camp also contributes to Who What Wear and runs the wildly popular celebrity style blog Olsens Anonymous.

Keep smiling!


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