Freitag flagship store – Zurich

I was in Zurich over the long weekend visiting some old pals and they took us out to the new “hip” part of town…and showed us the Freitag flagship store. It was truly one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen! It’s made completely out of shipping containers.

Freitag flagship store Zurich

The 26 meter (85 foot) high structure consists of 17 white, yellow, orange, blue, red and green containers that are, of course, reclaimed – just like the materials they use for their popular bags.

Freitag flagship store Zurich

The first 2 floors of the store consist of 4 horizontal shipping containers each, giving them a sense of stability. The third and fourth floors are then pared down to just 2 horizontal containers each. Finally, the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth floors are just one container each, making it seem like the building could topple at any moment – though that’s obviously not the case since each level has been secured thoroughly. On the top floor, there is even an observation deck with binoculars.

Freitag flagship store Zurich

The bottom four floors house the actual store with displays and merchandise. The other floors contain areas for storage and a staircase that take shoppers up to the viewing platform. (via

Freitag flagship store Zurich

By the way, if you’ve never been to Zurich, then I highly recommend a visit. There are some extremely cool bars and restaurants and they’ve redone their old viaduct and it’s quite a cool part of town….definitely worth a trip! And for you street art fans…..lots of cool photo snapping ops!

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