The Daniel Hotel – Vienna

Have you ever heard of the Daniel hotel? It’s on Landstrasse and it’s OH so cool! They started with the Daniel Bakery and morphed it into a hotel experience. It looks like a cool place to have coffee or lunch or…maybe even a vacation for a night. Just because you live here doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a night at a hotel…they have HAMMOCKS for goodness sake!


The Daniel Bakery offers a relaxed atmosphere where white prevails with a truly unique vintage styled interior. The bakery offers original vintage furniture including furnishings from a 1960s fashion boutique, upholstered with patterned materials, the iconic 1938 BKF chairs by Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy, all beautiful examples of classic modern furniture.


Free from traditional hotel fixtures and fittings, the Daniel Viennaoffers exposed concrete ceilings in all rooms, while combining this industrial element with high-quality materials to complete a picture of contemporary luxury.

Project: Hotel Daniel Vienna
Address: A – 1030 Vienna Landstraßer Gürtel 5
Project type: Hotel
Net floor area: ca. 3.900 m²
Rooms: 115
Completion: 11 / 2011
Architect: ATELIER HEISS Architects

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