What you don’t know about Andy Warhol

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Andy Warhol was COOL…..he’s no longer amongst us (or is he?) but his legacy is EVERYWHERE…..especially in Interview magazine (which he founded in 1969 ). As a collaboration with Ray-Ban celebrating influential leaders in art, fashion, music and film, Interview put together a collection of little known facts about Monsieur Warhol.


HOMETOWN: Pittsburgh, PA

AGE: n/a

FAVORITE COLOR: Black. [Andy Warhol by Glenn O’Brien, June 1977]

FAVORITE ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE: Jack Daniels is my favorite drink. [Louise Fletcher, May 1977]

WHEN DRUNK… I tell everyone they can be on the cover ofInterview. [Andy Warhol by Glenn O’Brien, June 1977]

PAINTING HABITS: [I paint] everyday. Saturday and Sunday, too. From 3:00 to 7:00 in the afternoon, but it’s always dark where I paint anyway. [Paul Delvaux, October 1981]

TRAVEL: I don’t want to go anywhere, it takes so much time. But then traveling makes time go by so fast. That’s about the only thing that makes life worth living. I guess—the days traveling around. They make time go by so fast. But I’m tired… I just want to stay home. I like everything about everything but that’s what I like best. [Louise Fletcher, May 1977]

ENTERTAINMENT: I’m always worrying about bombs in movie theaters, though. My favorite movies are the unsuccessful ones because there’s no one there. [Shelley Duvall before The Shining, September 1977]

Andy Warhol
GRAFFITI ART: What’s so good about [Jean Michel Basquiat] is he can go and take his art with him and do it there. [Art: from I.R.T. to ART Keith Haring with Halston and Philip Johnson, December 1985.]

RESTAURANTS: I think they should have movies in restaurants. I can’t believe that so many people get together just to sit there. It’s so abstract… isn’t it abstract? What are these people sitting here watching? [Andrea de Portago, June 1977]

STORE OPENINGS: Yesterday morning we went to the Elsa Peretti jewelry opening at Tiffany’s and it was mobbed. I never saw so many people before, it was like a meat counter. Like a fruit stand… I mean, people were standing in line! For jewelry! [Cher at the Pierre, December 1974]

ON JACKSON POLLOCK: I almost bought a paiting from Sidney Janis, a Jackson Pollack, and they were only $700, but at the time I didn’t understand them. I understand them now…The art now is all so good; that’s why it’s so hard to know what direction it’s going in.[Leo Castelli, February 1982]

ON PICASSO: Somebody called me up and asked me what I thought of Picasso and I said I never think about Picasso, I just think about Paloma. [Picasso by Persky, September 1980]

ON E.T. : He looks like one of my dachshunds. [Steven Spielberg, July 1982].

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*The collaboration with Ray-Ban is helping promote it’s new line of Legends sunglasses…SERIOUSLY cool!

Keep smiling!


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