Closet Visit

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Closet visit is a website created by Jeana Sohn. She visits the closets of some VERY stylish, creative ladies. Not only is the photography gorgeous, but she interviews each stylista and you get a really good sense of the creative process that is involved in each closet. She has also started making some films and they are…….WORKS OF ART! Check out Brenna Egan (editor for Refinery29) below…..

Closet visit - Brenna EganDescribe your personal style.
I don’t have a particular “style,” but if I had to characterize it, I’d say hyper-emotional and eclectic. Phyllis Neffler meets Anita Pallenberg meets Peggy Guggenheim. I don’t buy anything I’m not emotionally attached to, or that moves me in some way, shape, or form (no pun intended, ha!). I am an intensely sentimental person, and since I have very little time to draw or write for fun lately, my clothing is how I denote how I’m feeling on a particular day. I wear many hats at my job for Refinery29, and I know it’s cliché, but my wardrobe is really how I express myself, whether I’m feeling bohemian and free-spirited, structured, polished and editor-like, or just plain old artsy, I believe your style must be fluid with your mood or days’ activities.

Closet visit - Brenna EganWho are your style icons?
Diana Vreeland. Kelly Wearstler. MK&A. Phyllis Neffler.
Closet visit - Brenna EganAre there any key pieces you find yourself wearing constantly?
Not really. I’m a firm believer in heavy rotation. I have a pair of Alexander Wang black peep toe crazy cutout booties (bought on sale at Barneys) that get a ton of use, and I wear a vintage Cartier watch that belonged to my late father every day.

Closet visit - Brenna EganCan you give us smart shopping advice?
Don’t spend money on things that don’t speak to your soul. If something is out-there and maybe a little weird, but it thrills you, buy it! Life is too short to not take fashion risks:)


Keep smiling!



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