Tavi Gevinson

I’m sure most of you are familiar with Tavi Gevinson. If not, she’s the teen queen that entered the fashion arena four years ago at the age of 11 and started a very powerful blog, The Style Rookie. Many in the fashion industry were not pleased to see a teen in their midst…what did she know about anything? Well…as you know by many of my previous posts…I think young girls have a vision that adults no longer have. They are WAY more creative, imaginative and fearless.

Tavi illustration by Danny Roberts

I have to admit that I wasn’t thrilled to see Tavi at fashion shows either…but for a different reason. I feared she was losing her childhood. The fashion industry boasts some pretty powerful characters…not exactly the best arena for an 11 year old girl.


Last September she started her new website for girls, Rookie Magazine. It has really cool articles and I realized that if I were a teen I would LOVE this magazine…and…she even scored an interview with David Sedaris (so VERY fond of him)!

Tavi just did a TED conference…yup….you should know about TED by now…”ideas worth spreading”. Well…I had never heard her speak and what I got out of her speech was WISDOM. She is a kid that is VERY wise for her age. She gets so much of what the world is. She is someone I plan to introduce my daughter Lili to.

Keep smiling!


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