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I was stuck in traffic this morning…and I started considering fashion and who really dictates the rules. Why do we give so much power to people like Anna Wintour? After reading The Devil Wears Prada, I was disgusted that someone so horrible could be idolized by so many.

The Devil wears Prada
Meryl Streep in the Devil Wears Prada

Then I started considering my eight year old daughter Lili and her view of fashion. Lili is still a fashion industry virgin…she doesn’t read fashion magazines, she’s not aware of designer brands and she has no clue about fashion shows or seasons. She just goes around taking in her environment and knowing what she likes and doesn’t like. In her world, there is no rule that dictates that polka dots really don’t go with plaid. The amazing thing that I’ve learned from her is that she can TOTALLY rock polka dots and plaid. I wish I could put her in a bubble and keep her vision pure…but I know as time goes on she’ll start looking at magazines, she’ll learn what colors are in or out and she’ll idolize people like Olivia Palermo who is beautiful, wealthy and gets free clothes from every designer.


Fashion shouldn’t be connected to wealth. I think designers used to be more connected to every economic status…they didn’t have a huge corporation breathing down their throats going over monthly sales reports. I think the world is craving less of an economic disconnect in the fashion world…that’s why street style blogs are becoming so popular. The posers aren’t rail thin models in über expensive garments. They are normal people that just happen to LOVE fashion and creating works of art in their wardrobes.

HM Marni

For years now, stores like Target and H&M have been collaborating with designers like Marni, Rodarte and Versace. Bloggers are being invited to fashion shows in an attempt to connect to a fresher, more individual viewpoint, instead of the staid dictates of the fashion corporations.

Bryan boy at Milan
Blogger Bryan Boy at Milan Fashion week

Street photographers are being courted by bigger brands to assist in brand image and advertising.

Esprit campaign photographed by Facehunter

The reality is that I know as Lili grows older she’ll realize what she doesn’t have and can’t afford and she’ll think that people with money are the ones that dictate style. I hope the street style blogs and blogs in general keep gaining momentum…fashion is changing and it’s VERY exciting!

Keep smiling!


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