Notorious Fashion Minds, The Day After.

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The event that we organized with TEDxVienna happened the same day that TED launched TEDxCentralSt.Martins. Yes, fashion is innovative and creates ideas that are worth being shared.

Therefore, when we started planning the Notorious Fashion Minds, it was clear we were not just going to talk about blogging. This is very last year. Instead, we brought the fashion, entertainment and lifestyle industries closer to the bloggers, because this is the next step in building a market for online communication.

Facehunter presented his work for Armani Eyewear and how he designed and produced his first pair of shoes for the footwear SIX London studio and online store That is an idea worth spreading to HUMANIC, Stiefelkönig, Mühlbauer, Steffel

Alex Schönburg showed us how Sao Paulo Fashion Week, in cooperation with bloggers, has become a trend hub, a communication platform and a fashion brand agency. Daniela Enzi, from MQ, was there, showing us the incredible cultural and lifestyle agenda they have, and how they were able to succeed against all odds, and how she is counting more on the blogosphere to find the vocation of fashion in the city of Vienna.

Anita Marschalek, PR from Estée Lauder attended this event with us, as a first step in creating a new relationship with the blogosphere. In the United States, the popular blog Cupcakes and Cashmere has signed on to be Estée Lauder’s social media and digital guest editor.


Philip Ginthör, CEO from Sony Entertainment also was in the audience, and under his leadership the company has already started 2.0 branded entertainment platforms, with the event’s sponsor, Agency4e7.

Well, for (almost) all the guests who attended the Notorious Fashion Minds, it is clear that the Austrian blogosphere is active and present, and the business opportunities that were presented, are there to help make this market grow and become economically viable. As the Facehunter said , he “also needs to eat …”

If you are a blogger and think you don’t need any of that, ok, no problema.
But if you’re hungry and interested, and want to use your full potential, then spread this news, send this article to institutions, brands and stores that you think might need your talent.

You are an idea worth spreading!



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