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Sabinna and David are the Broken Cookies. We’ve talked about them here before.

Both are students abroad. Sabinna in London, David in Manchester. Both found and complemented each other in full on their blog: he as photographer, she as muse.

I believe it must be great fun to photograph her. She is the most stylish girl in town, and ASOS and H&M should be very thankful of how Sabinna presents their clothes, she transforms them from basics to the most creative statements. And she was like that before she went to London…yes, Vienna was the city where Sabinna started to explore her baroque style.

What makes a street style scene possible? A lot of people ask this question, and the answer lies within many factors of course: more creative fashion editorials, more blogs like Broken Cookies, more visibility on what is going on elsewhere beyond the first district, more dialog between online and offline magazines…

Well, this March she is coming to Vienna to speak at TEDxVienna FashionSalon. She will tell us how her life at Central St Martins school is, the nest of many many talents: Hussein Chalayan, Giles Deacon, John Galliano, Roksanda Ilinic, Christopher Kane, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Jenny Packham, Phoebe Philo, Marios Schawb, are just few of them. She will tell us how students are themselves the sources of inspiration to the others students, how the teachers bring the subjects and projects… how a place can radiate pure creative energy.

Where is this place in Vienna? I hope one day, Sabinna and David come back and will populate our city with mini Sabinnas and mini Davids, they will no longer be broken but still will like cookies…

Until then, we meet each other at TEDxVienna Fashion Salon!




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