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Stefan Urschler (Sir Dorian) writes Stylish Kids in Riot or SKIR, for the friends, at least for his 2,798 fans on Facebook! His text is very good and some times polemic, as good journalism should be. We’ve met in analog life, not very long ago, and was love at first sight (for me at least), because we share many ideas about Austrian Fashion Market, and fashion all together. Enjoy!

1- How long have you been a blogger? Describe your blog in a few words.

Lifestyle on the Cutting Edge since 2008.

2- Everybody in the blogosphere business knows how hard it is to break
even. How did you manage this?

As one of the first fashion/lifestyle blogs in Austria, we were like pioneers.
When we started, there was Stylekingdom, Tschilp and a few others. And
the problem that brands didn´t even know what a blog is. Hard times, but since them
many things changed. Designer and brands recognize the blogsphere (not all, but many) and ask about cooperation, invite you to store openings and so on. On the other hand, there are so many Blogger around and all of them wanna have a piece of the cake.

You need to work your ass off to get the word out there, produce
daily blog content, use social media (!), travel to every fashion week on the planet and
give everyone your business card (important!). There are times when
you ask the question “Is it all worth it?”.
The answer is yes, because time will come and things pay off.

Last but not least, our great editors who producing content from all
around the world and the agency Pitch and Serve from Graz.

3- How does your cooperation with brands (advertising) work?

As I told you, it´s all about: work work work. 4 years in the blogsphere means that you’ve got thousands of E-Mails from brands & people who are interested to see their products on the website with a link for their SEO. From thousand mails, only a handful are relevant for your readership. But with these people you need to establish a relationship over years. They monitor your website and if your readership and community growths, time will come and they offer you advertorials etc.

4- Do you also have offline activity to support your blog?

Collaborations with club nights in Vienna since we started out and other
events. Producing sticker and stuff to spread the word. Think like a brand,
because it´s not a lifestyle, it´s a business where you always need to have the good Ideas worth spreading.

5- What is your favorite fashion blog / tumblr?

My google reader features about 100 Blogs which I try to read on a daily base or
just have a look to the headlines. But I don´t like this copy & paste content stuff,
original content is always better. And there is no over all favorite Blog.

6- How would you describe the Austrian fashion-blogosphere?

Oh, it´s totally amazing what happened over the last years. And blogger events
like Fashion Camp are important because there are always one who start blogs after those kinds of get togethers.
But the Austrian Fashion Blogsphere also covers a wide range. From personal
style to online Lifestyle Magazines. Or funny style – blogs who don´t take them too serious. I think that is a good thing, because of the diversity.

7- What is your opinion of Vienna’s position in the Fashion World? Which
is the most important fashion event in Austria?

Good question. As for the Fashion Blogger, I would say the annual Fashion Camp in Vienna is the most important Event. But there is no particular runway event, because the MQ vienna Fashion Week just started a few years ago and there is so much to do. I like the small events, where young talents show their skills like Mark & Julia or Meshit. They don´t showcase their Collections at the MQ Fashion Week but always set up great presentations.

8- What is your biggest hope regarding your blog and your achievements
as a blogger?

To become a so called Lifestyle Brand, producing stuff people like, host events etc.

See you at TEDxVienna, Notorious Fashion Minds!

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