We LOVE Rita!

Okay, you all now know I’m a Pinterest addict…so while feeding my addiction I came across RITA! She had a huge amount of repins and I could easily see why. I needed to know more about Rita so I did a wee bit of hunting and found her on Advanced Style. I knew there was a good reason why I liked Rita so much…she’s a Seattlite…and…..she’s HIP!

Rita from Seattle

“I have over 70 pairs of glasses and I wear a different pair everyday.”

Rita says that her tastes are usually pretty simple. She had lost her small vintage sunglasses somewhere in the neighborhood, so her friend Marty accompanied her to a local mall to buy another pair. Marty picked out a big, fun, over-sized pair of sunglasses for Rita to wear and she picked out a smaller, more simple pair. Rita decided to purchase them both and wore the big pair to a recovery meeting sometime that week. Everyone in the group went wild for Rita’s big shades. People started sending her huge, outrageous pairs of sunglasses from all over the world, resulting in her collection of over 70 pairs. Rita told me that although she wouldn’t normally dress outrageously, she feels that the sunglasses make people happy. When I asked her how she felt about them she replied, ” They aren’t really my style, but now I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by not wearing the pair they bought for me. Now I feel lost without them. They have become my trademark.” (Advanced Style)

I love that she mostly wears them so as not to hurt anyone’s feelings and because she knows they make people happy. They made me happy! Thanks Rita!


Keep smiling!


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