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Just because you’re pregnant… doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish! But…even though you look FAB, you can’t exactly walk around naked, can you? Although Demi Moore certainly made pregnancy sexy! So that’s where Slacks and Co. comes in. They have an amazing maternity line and it’s so cool that even celebrities and models have taken notice. (Claudia Schiffer, Danni Minogue, the wonderful Yasmin Sewell). Currently they are in stores in Moscow, London, New York, Paris and lucky you, now they are in Vienna at Himmelblau & Rosarot.

Slacks and Co. was founded in 2009, by Tara Meran and in 2010, she was joined by Austrian, Claire Lamberg. The philosophy of their company revolves around the perfect fitting maternity trouser – the essential piece of an outfit. Before Tara fell pregnant she had difficulty finding perfectly tailored trousers so she visited Savile Row renowned tailor, Edward Sexton. He instantly had her fitted and looking fab, so when she was pregnant she worked on adapting her styles and in collaboration with Emily Evans who has the two top maternity stores (9 London) in London they developed the perfect tailored styles. From there the idea grew to provide these amazing trousers to the rest of world.

Claire Lamberg and Tara Meran, the two ladies behind the brand

Check out their online shop  and blog where they tracking fashionista mommies-to-be from around the globe.

Claire Lamberg took time out of her busy schedule to sit down with Notorious and answer some questions:

No woman’s body is alike…how does the sizing work at Slacks and Co. to ensure that everyone gets that same tailored pant that Tara was originally hunting for?

Since launching we’ve used the latest BodyMetric scan data in the market to perfect the cuts of our trousers for the modern woman’s shape. By using super comfort bi-stretch fabrics and denim sizing from 25-32 means that we can offer a closer fit while not compromising on comfort on our tailored products. All our styles are fitted and tested by real mums-to-be from beginning to end of pregnancy.

I especially like your blog…pregnancy is cool and can be stylish and I love the fact that you’re promoting it by your clothes and the blog. Who’s idea was it to start the blog? Maybe by making pregnancy so hip you can boost the birth rates in Europe! (Italians…I mean YOU!)

The blog grew out of our interest in what is going on in the maternity fashion space and wanting to share maternity style with other mums-to-be. We love seeing what ideas women all around the world come up with when they need to adapt their look to their changing body shape. As well as ascertaining what their likes and dislikes are… each country has its nuances! It’s also a wonderful platform on which to write about new products and many wonderful maternity stores featuring what brands they’re picking up each season.

There is such a clear need for more stylish maternity wear. I remember feeling so desperate when I was pregnant and I realize just how vital pregnancy pants are. Tops are the easy part, you can wear a tunic or even your husband’s cardigan. What sort of accessories would you pair with your looks? Do you like big or small necklaces? And where would you buy them in Vienna?

The first things that springs to mind is that every pregnant girl I encounter makes a big effort with her gorgeous (usually thicker and glossy) hair when she goes to special events such as weddings or parties. One wants to detract attention from the bump to other areas, so a great neckline or fabulous legs in high heels are always a good look. Jewelry is also a great accessory to complete any look and we just love Vienna based jewelry designer Marie-Therese Demblin deVille with her MDDV line of necklaces, bracelets and rings.

MDDV collection

Do you think someone who’s pregnant can use a cross-body bag?

It wasn’t something we naturally thought of, but our gorgeous model this season insists that wearing her DKNY handbag cross body is the most practical and comfortable for her as it frees her hands and means she can move more freely. The strap sits neatly above her bump. So I would say yes!

What’s the best place to buy a bag in Vienna?

Steffl offers a great mix of well known and up and coming designers.

High heels or ballerinas?

Definitely both!!! In Vienna, I always have a look at Humanic and  Dominici, they are neighbors on Kärntner Straße 🙂

Claire and Tara @work

Since Slacks and Co was started in London, how do you work from Vienna?

Well, my half sister Tara and I work together… she is the English link and I joined the brand based in Vienna. Tara left London earlier this year to live in Vienna, and although we are both based here now we travel back to London frequently to do our photo shoots, meet with our client 9 London by Emily Evans who brought Slacks & Co. to Harrods, as well our partners based there such as our web team and fulfillment company who are preparing everything for the launch of our UK based online store in December this year.
What is your favorite place in Vienna? (shop, café, restaurant, masseuse)

Naschmarkt for lunch, Café Bräunerhof for coffee, love Skopik & Lohn for dinner. SPODD is a great shopping destination!! H&M am Graben (Ex Braun & Co.) probably the most beautiful H&M in the world! definitely worth a visit.


Is Vienna a kid-friendly city?

Yes, extremely much more than London in terms of getting around the city. London has a lot of activities to offer which are always fun to do for some quality Mummy  baby time. Vienna has an unbeatable quality of life for a family and with two children my sister doesn’t look back on her London days regarding childcare, as everything here is so much easier.
Thank you SOOO much for taking the time!

It’s been a great pleasure!

Keep smiling!


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