Notorious is getting notorious

Julie Siegel, from City Kids, interviewed Selma Schönburg, the editor of Notorious-Mag! Great honor for us and many thanks to City Kids for the opportunity to present our Magazin… Enjoy the interview!

Ever heard of the web site, Notorious? Notorious is the creation of Selma von Schönburg, a native Brazilian who moved back to Austria two years ago. While in Brazil, she and her German husband Alex created an advertising agency and mingled with street artists and fashionistas. Upon their return to Austria, Selma realized that Vienna was missing out, and started to work on Notorious, a web site that is hip, cool and on the cutting edge of all the latest fashion, art and trend news in Austria and around the world.

Selma is one busy gal, besides writing daily and researching for her site she spends time with her husband and two kids. We are just fortunate that she was able to spare some time and answer some questions for us!

City kids: Let’s start with some basic questions…What is your morning routine? Do you get your kids to school first before you log onto your computer? Oh and of course: MAC or PC?

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